WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks

Top 10+ WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks

Hey guys,as we know that WhatsApp is world’s best social messaging apps for smartphones even for desktop also. WhatsApp is smart and fastest social messaging apps for you android or other smartphones.According to Wikipedia In August 2014, WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app, with more than 600 million active users. By early January 2015, WhatsApp had 700 million monthly active users with over 30 billion messages being sent every day.After Update 2016 WhatsApp add many new features these features still unaware for many users.So,in this post I’ll show you the most useful features and tricks of latest updated WhatsApp App.So Here the WhatsApp Tricks And Hacks.In the following tables of contents you can find out the you’r need tips and tricks for WhatsApp.

whatsapp tricks and hacks


How To Use Dual WhatsApp Account On Android Smartphone

Now a days every one has two dual sim as well as two mobile numbers.So with the help of following tricks you can use Dual WhatsApp Account On your Android Smartphone.This tricks works only for Android Devices only.

Note : If you have Mi Xiaomi Android Devices So You Can Easily Access Dual WhatsApp Account On Your Xiaomi Mi Phones.Mi Phone latest MI8 Updates allow you to make dual app for any installed app.

For More Instruction To Active Dual WhatsApp Account On Your Xiaomi Mi Phone.

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Active Dual WhatsApp Account On Any Android Devices You Can Follow This Instruction Links And Access Dual WhatsApp Account On Your Coolest Smartphone.

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How To Change WhatsApp Fonts And Make Coolest WhatsApp Ever.

With the latest update of WhatsApp. You can change the fonts style while chatting or sending messages.This trick still unknown for many user.But here you can make your WhatsApp fonts BOLD,ITALICS,STRICK THROUGH.Follow is syntax and trick for changing the WhatsApp fonts.

  • For Bold : add asterisks on either side. *your text here*
  • For Strike through : add tildes on each side of the text. ~your text here~
  • For Italics : add underscore on each side. _your text here_

how to change fonts in WhatsApp

How to Use Cool And Funky Fonts on WhatsApp,Facebook Status or Messages

Everyone want use cool funky fonts for WhatsApp and Facebook.So here with the fewer steps you can
easily use the cool and funky fonts for your WhatsApp and Facebook also.

  1. Firstly you have to download this coolest fonts app.Download Cool Fonts App.
  2. Open the app and in the right of corner you can select your funky and coolest fonts.Select your favorite one.
  3. Enter or type your messages/status.
  4. Now you can easily import the typed messages/status to your WhatsApp account OR you can simply copy paste the messages/status to WhatsApp or Facebook.

How To Migrate Whatsapp Account From One Phone To Other

Migrate you WhatsApp account to your new smartphone is very easily you can simply copy whole folder of WhatsApp to your new smartphone or you can simply make backup of your chat with the advance features of WhatsApp. With this features WhatsApp allow you to backup you chat. Whenever you install
new WhatsApp to your other smartphone with the same number WhatsApp ask you to recover you chat back.If you allow them than WhatsApp simply recover you latest chatting.

If you don’t want to use this feature then you can simply copy the WhatsApp folder to your new smartphone and install WhatsApp after installed WhatsApp automatically detect old messages and chatting.

How To Use WhatsApp On PC Desktop.

As we know WhatsApp is social messaging app only for smartphones only.There is no officially Desktop version of WhatsApp App.But in this trick you can use WhatsApp to your personal PC and Laptop also.Simply follow the following steps.

There are two ways to use WhatsApp on PC OR Laptop.

  1. Use WhatsApp With Android Emulator.
  2. WhatsApp Officially Desktop Web Version.

1) How To Use WhatsApp With Android Emulator.

There are many android emulator for PC and Laptop.You can simply install emulator to you PC and install WhatsApp App into emulator and run your WhatsApp account easily.I Suggest you to Download Droid4X Android Emulator,NOX Android Emulator and Bluestack Android Emulator.I personally use Droid4X android emulator.

2) How To Use WhatsApp With Web Vesion web.whatsapp.com

1)Go to web.whatsapp.com
2)in you smartphone open whatsapp and go to WhatsApp Web option.
3)in that click on “OK,GOT IT” and scan your QR code.

4)That’s it your WhatsApp is ready to use on PC.Enjoy…!


How To Hide Your Profile Picture In WhatsApp

Privacy is must need for every user.For that WhatsApp allow you to HIDE your profile picture.In the latest version WhatsApp allow you to hide your profile picture in many ways.Here the step to hide you profile picture on WhatsApp.

  1. Open WhatsApp App Go To Setting.
  2. Go To Account->Privacy->Profile Photo.
  3. You Can select option as per you need.how to hide profile picture in WhatsApp.jpg

How To Lock Whatsapp Account.

Our Smartphone is not just personal in one sense because our phone is used also by our family,friends and also known/unknown also person.So there is need to lock you WhatsApp account.For you secure chat and personal life.You can lock you WhatApp Account with Chat Lock App.

There are many app locker apps select high rate app install that and simply lock whatsapp app.

How To Recover Whatsapp Deleted Messages.

This trick is very useful when you accidentally delete you needful WhatsApp messages.Therefor WhatsApp provide you backup your chat and messages so we can easily recovers delete conversion any time.Simply Follow the step and recover your delete WhatsApp messages.

  1. Uninstall Whatsapp App and re-install it.
  2. At the installation time WhatsApp will ask to restore all your history,Data, Messages and click OK.
  3. After re-installation you will get all you messages again enjoy and have fun..!

How To Turn Off Automatic Download Of Media Like Images,Videos,Audios From Whatsapp.

Everyone face this problem once I knew that because I too.For Data save you can simply Turn Off automatic Download Of Videos and Images from WhatsApp With simple steps you can turn off and turn on auto download media from whatsapp.

  1. Go to your WhatsApp setting.
  2. Go To Data Usages.
  3. In this option you can set automatic media download as per you need.

how to disble autodownload on whatsapp

How To Share PDF,ZIP,DOCUMENTS FILES,APK And Other Files On Whatsapp.

WhatsApp is world’s best social messaging app but there is still many features missing.Like you can’t send Zip files,APK files and other formatted files.So in this trick you can find out how you can send and share the ZIP Files,APK FILES and Other Formatted Files Over WhatsApp.

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How To Disable Whatsapp Blue Ticks/Last Seen.

There is no doubt WhatsApp understand what we need.Last seen featured by WhatsApp.Where we know that last seen of WhatsApp by respective user.Sometime we need tricky for nobody to know our last seen time.In past we use third party software to stop last seen on WhatsApp. But after lasted update WhatsApp it self develop this cool features.We can simply turn on or Off.Follow the following step to disable WhatsApp Last Seen.

  1. Go to WhatsApp setting
  2. Account->Privacy
  3. There you can manage you Last seen as per you need.

how to disble last seen in WhatsApp

How To Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number.

As We know WhatsApp is grate.There are many silent killing hacks trick which help you to use WhatsApp without Mobile number.For That you can visit this link and learn how you can use WhatsApp Withour Mobile Number.

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How To Get Cool And Unique WhatsApp Statues.

Well this is everyone needed every day. WhatApp also famous on WhatsApp Statues.Everyone have their own statue for their coolest personality.Here you can find  out the WhatsApp Statues with every type of your mood.Simply browse the WhatsApp Sharing Site and find out the perfect status for your personality. WhatsAppSharing.Com is No.1 Website For All types of WhatsApp Status,Quotes,Funny Videos,Tricks,Tips,Hacks All About To WhatsApp App.

Get WhatsApp Funny Status

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Get WhatsApp Attitude Status

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And Much More Statues Only One WhatsAppSharing.Com

So,This is it.I Hope you like these coolest WhatsApp trick and hack.If you have any query you can simply ask in following comment box.We”ll always here to help you Or Please Do Share this tricks and hack to your family,friends and social worlds like Facebook,WhatsApp,Google Plus,Twitter,Etc.

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