How To Use Dual WhatsApp On Same Android Phone

How To Use Two WhatsApp Account On Same Android Phone

WhatsApp is widly used on Android smart phone.This social messaging app is world’s best app ever.Everyone has dual number on their android.But there is no officially features of WhatsApp that can run two WhatsApp on same android with different numbers.So in this post I will help you that how you can use multiple WhatsApp account on same android device.So,here how to use dual WhatsApp On Same Android Phone.

Use Dual WhatsApp On Same Android Phone

How To Use Multiple WhatsApp Account On One Android Phone.

You can use two method to use more than one WhatsApp app on same Android phone.

1)Using WhatsMapp Solo For WhatsApp Dual Account

2)Using OGWhatsApp For WhatsApp Dual Account.

Note : If You Have Xiaomi Mi Model Android Phone You Can Easily Use Dual WhatsApp On Your REDMi Phone Learn More On : How TO Use Two WhatsApp Account On REDMi

Method 1: Using WhatsApp Solo App Trick

WhatsApp Solo Dual WhatsApp Trick

WhatsApp Solo is grate way to use dual WhatsApp on you same android device with the app you can enjoy the multiple WhatsApp account on same android phone with diffrent mobile number.Simple Follow the below step and enjoy the dual whats app on android phone.

  1. Download The WhatsApp Solo App With This Link
  2. Install WhatsApp Solo As You Install Original WhatsApp
  3. If You Have Any Problem While Installing Remove First Original WhatsApp Then Install WhatsApp Solo.

Method 2 : Using OGWhatsApp App Trick

OGWhatsApp Dual WhatsApp Trick

There is very popular for use dual WhatsApp on same android phone with this app you can access more than one WhatsApp account with different mobile number.simply follow the below step and enjoy multiple whatsapp on smartphone.

  1. Firstly you have to backup or old chat from WhatsApp setting.
  2. For backup go to WhatsApp setting->Chat Setting->Back Up Chats.
  3. Then After Clean Your WhatsApp Data On App Setting.
  4. Now Go To Your File Manager And Go To WhatsApp Folder
  5. Rename “WhatsApp” folder to “OGWhatsApp”.
  6. Uninstall Original WhatsApp
  7.  Download OGWhatsApp and Install in you android phone
  8. Create you account.
  9. Now,Download Original WhatsApp from Play Store and install and create your old account
  10. That’s it your phone have dual whatsapp account enjoy have fun..!

Note : In case second method will not work try first method.Some device not support second trick.

Covering Up Post :-

That’it,I hope this trick helps you to run dual whatsapp on your smart devices.If you have any quries please ask us on comment section.We always love to help you.If you like this trick please do share to your friends,family and social world.

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