How to stop WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook account

Stop You WhatsApp Account To Share You Data With Facebook Account

Hey,WhatsApp Inc. After 4 years acquired by Facebook.WhatsApp is changing some terms and confitions,as well as the privacy policy and other some terms.After updating WhatsApp is ask you to share you WhatsApp data to Facebook account.The main purpose is to Facebook and provide better targeted ads to users.WhatsApp data is very private and classified. So for security purpose you can disallow and allow data to share with Facebook.So,today in this post you can find how you can stop you WhatsApp data to share with FB. Read this article carefully and following the steps to,stop whatsapp sharing with facebook

how to disable whatsapp sharing facebook

Lets first check what kind of data and information being shared on Facebook.

What data and information is being shared with Facebook Account?

As we know that whatsapp used phone number to sign up.So your phone number will be shared.The biggest security and advantages is end to end encryption.This means your data is encrypted and your device can decrypt. So Facebook can’t see you messages,photos,videos or other data or media you shared.Other advantage is any information that you shared on whatsapp will not publicly available for anyone who using Facebook.That means suppose your WhatsApp shares your mobile number with you Facebook account then it won’t visible to anyone.

Why your data and information being shared on Facebook?

The officially WhatsApp says that sharing you personal data and information with Facebook will help both company to coordinate well,more and will help them to fight against spams and abuse as well as improve experiences within facebook service for targeted ads.

How To Stop WhatsApp from sharing your information with Facebook

WhatsApp will never share you information with any third party or to parent company.happily you can optionally  select yourself from being share or not.Follow the following step and you can easily stop sharing data to fb account.

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. For Android User Tap on upper right corner and select SETTING.
  3. For iOS(iPhone,iPad) user Tap on lower right corner and select SETTING.
  4. Select Account Tap on Share My Account Info.
  5. For Stop or disable the feature tap Don’t share.

Then after pop-up will appears,”If you tap ‘Don’t Share’, you won’t be able to change this in the future.” And they mean it.Then after this option will never visible in your account.

stop sharing whatsapp with facebook

Covering Up 🙂

So that’s it I hope you understand the whole article and you are able to disable this features of whatsap.If you like this post do share to your friends and family and social world like Facebook,WhatsApp,Google Plus etc.

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