Top 20 Cheating Ideas For Exam

Top Cheating Ideas For Exam How You Can Cheat In Exam

Hello,Guys every one know that what suck the student most The Exam,exam which make cry and the result make cry more.Student life is not much easy,reading unlike subject,memories the difficult maths formulas,by heart the unnecessary topics of subject etc.Which is kill the students’s life.Don’t you worry after reading this post you gonna thanks to me.In this post you can find out the cheating ideas for exam,apply one of this idea and you never gonna caught.But do it on your own risk this is only for you entertainment purpose.So here the top cheating ideas for exam.

1.Print Answer On Drinking Bottle Label

The #1 and never caught cheating idea for exam is print the answers on drinking bottle label and be-fool the supervisor.Here you can print out the most important notes in bottle label format and stick with bottle.This is number 1 cheating formula for cheat the exam and there is less chances to get caught.

cheating idea for exam bottle lable idea

2.Change The Calculator Into Smart Phone

The #2 ideas is you can change the calculator case into smart phone and google the question during the exam.Simple open you calculator and fit the smart phone into case,and covert you calculator into smart phone and be-fool the supervisor.

cheating ideas for exam

3.Fake Injuries And Hide Your Exam Answers

The #3 you can easily hide your answer into fake injuries on your hand.Cover with banded and hide the answers behind the fake injuries.No one notice you fake injuries in exam.

cheating ideas for test exam

4.Nail Art Print The Answers on Nail

The #4 the girl can easily cheat in exam by nail polish on her nail.This is very creative you can simple write the answer on your nail just MAKE SURE YOU CAN SEE WHAT YOU WROTE.

exam cheating ideas

5.Write The Answers Inside The Shoes.

The #5 you can simple write your answer inside the shoes.Who says you can’t remove your shoes while taking exam.funny cheating ideas into exam

For More Cheating Ideas You can watch below video for top 20 cheating ideas for cracking exam.

So Hope you enjoy your exam days,this cheats are only for entertainment purpose please try at your own risk.If you like this cheating ideas please do share with your friends and family over the social media like Facebook,WhatsApp,Gplus and etc.

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